Chavez Ravine: An Unfinished Story is an academic-community committed to preserving the history of the Palo Verde, La Loma and Bishop communities for future generations. As a community – academic partnership, we strive to make sure no one can tell the history of Los Angeles, California and of this country without including the contributions and experiences of residents from destroyed neighborhoods.  Today, over 50 years since the loss of their beloved homes and community, the stories of residents have continued to have resonance for communities facing the rapid transformation of their neighborhoods and loss of their homes. Residents from Palo Verde, La Loma and Bishop offer us many lessons about how to thrive and continue to build communities in the face of extraordinary challenges. Their stories make history come alive and offer us a guide for how we can create better futures for Latinos in Los Angeles and the nation.

An Unfinished Story combines oral history and archival preservation to document a longer history of Chavez Ravine that spans the twentieth century. We pursue three linked goals that aim to document the histories of Chavez Ravine residents: (1) create  community-based collaborations with institutions that will promote the histories of Palo Verde, La Loma and Bishop from the perspective of displaced residents (2) establish an archival home for the community’s stories that includes oral histories and digitized photographs (3) increase public access to these stories through the creation of an online archive and public programming including exhibit and panels with residents.  Chavez Ravine: An Unfinished Story is a multi-year project committed to recovering buried histories. Ultimately, this project honors residents’ connections to Chavez Ravine and its importance to our national story.


Carol Jacques personal collection, Palo Verde